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Fife’s Prehistoric Past

The coastline of Fife has changed across the millennia. This project explores and dates the geology of coastal Fife helping us understand the evolution of the landscape and the pace of erosion. 

Sacred Landscapes of Fife

Fife has a rich religious history with records of Christian activity stretching back into Pictish times. This project explores the changing experience of faith, and its legacy for the landscape and culture of Fife’s coastal communities.  

The Changing Coastline

Climate change and erosion threaten many historic coastal sites. This project surveys the remarkable heritage along the Fife coastline, recording and researching at risk sites. 

Monitoring the Nearshore

The waters close to the shore hold unique ecosystems. This project explores the resilience of these ecosystems, monitoring their health through ‘living laboratories’, and working with local communities and policy-makers to create a sustainable coastal future. 

People and Fife

Fife’s population is changing. This project examines demographic predictions for the future, and how they might impact the nature of settlement in coastal Fife. 

Fife Collections

Within the University of St Andrews Libraries and Museums collections, there are many objects with a connection to the Fife Coast. This project explores these through geographical locations around Fife and aims to start conversations about themes explored in the Fife Coastal Zone projects. 

Ocean Literacy survey

The meaning of ‘Ocean Literacy’ has gone beyond “Understanding the ocean’s influence on you – and your influence on the ocean”, now also referring to people’s attitudes and actions as they relate to impacts upon the sea, and their communication of those issues to others. Consequently, it aligns well with concepts of behavioural change that favour change rooted in a citizenry that understands their impacts and their capacity to contribute to the solutions. Knowledge and understanding is just the beginning of this journey. Positive behaviour change is what we seek at the level of the individual, but ultimately to accumulate and tip the balance towards social and cultural change for a sustainable future for people and nature.

Open Virtual Worlds

This project explores how digital technologies can be used to represent the history and environment of Coastal Fife in innovative and effective ways.